Tomato, Coconut & Chilli Soup.

After reading the Honestly Healthy cookbook this was one of the recipes that had stuck in my mind as something I have got to make! So a couple of nights ago my friend and I did just that, but with a few tweaks…we made it in a blender.

Having one of these high power blenders means that you can make raw soup (yes they are hot!) but blending ensuring that the heat stays below 47degrees and therefore does not spoil the nutrients in the vegetables.
….I admit that the soup we made was not fully raw as we cooked off the onions and spices first, this step seemed important for flavour. We added our cooked onions and spice mix to raw tomatoes (we added a few extra for taste) , coconut milk (we added 2:1 coconut to water ratio) and fresh lime & tamari.
We then blended this for 8 minutes and topped with fresh coriander.

It was absolutely delicious and will definitely be making this again.

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